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Some Of The Newest Games We Offer

We Want To Do Everything We Can To Accommodate Your Party!

We are always adding new games to our game library. Rest assured that we will make sure your guests always have the latest and greatest (and most fun!) games to lose themselves in. Games, games, and more games. 

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We want to do everything we can to accommodate your party!

Game Coaches

Game Coaches go through extensive training on how to conduct video game parties.

Game Coaches are safe drivers with excellent customer service skills. They also know their stuff when it comes to the new generation of video games. Your Game Coach will communicate with you from the moment they head towards your event to the time they say their goodbyes at the end of your event. When your guests have questions about certain games, your Game Coach will answer them. When your guests want to try new games they’ve never played before, your Game Coach will walk them through it…

Game Coaches

What Do We Offer?


Your gaming experience will include PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch
We have a wide assortment of exciting games to play. If you want to limit your game selection to a certain age-range, simply let your Reservation Agent or Game Coach know and we will be happy to accommodate you and provide only the games you are comfortable with. We do not allow guest-provided games to be loaded on our systems, however, if there is a specific game you would like for your event, please let your Reservation Agent know and we will do our very best to accommodate you.
Multiple HD TVs Icon

Multiple HD TVs

Our HD TVs display crisp and sharp graphics – your guests’ eyes will be wide open as they play the hottest games.
Multiple Game Consoles Icon

Multiple Game Consoles

Whether you have one player or 4 on each TV, your guests will enjoy every minute of their Game Truck party. They will have several to choose from. With RTF Mobile Gaming, it’s all about offering as many choices as possible to your guests.
Climate Controlled Icon

Climate Controlled

Our Game Trucks are self-powered with air conditioning and heating systems to keep your guests comfortable no matter what the season or climate. Our game trucks are designed to be open and comfortable.


We service events and parties that start as early as 8am, and we can even start a party as late as 8pm. If your event starts later or earlier than our standard hours, please let your Reservation Agent know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you want to add more time to your game truck party while your party is still going on, just ask your Game Coach. If they have the time between parties to add another hour to your party, they will be happy to stay and keep the party going for you…trust us, your guests will definitely appreciate it!

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